"Mercy offers an eye-opening glimpse of the suffering that animals endure daily in the meat industry.This powerful film encourages viewers to think about who died for their dinner by pulling the curtain back on a sadistic industry that would prefer consumers remain in the dark. Pigs like Mercy are someone, not something - and in all ways that truly matter, they are no different from us."

“Mercy approaches the tragedy of factory farming and barbarity of slaughter from the perspectives of those directly and indirectly responsible whilst always at pains to paint the terrible and cruel reality for the victims. It moves between scenes of people reared for meat to real life footage of pigs to powerfully bring home the awfulness of imprisonment and death for millions of innocent creatures. Mercy is a harrowing and urgent wake up call to see the catastrophic devastation caused by eating animals.”

Juliet Gellatley

founder & director –Viva!


“A powerful and deeply emotive film. Watching Mercy gives you an unnervingly immersive insight into the horrors endured by farmed animals and I’m sure will have a profound impact in inspiring people to embrace veganism. Mercy will certainly be a highly effective tool for all those who are advocating on behalf of farmed animals and striving to create a cruelty-free world.”

Isobel Hutchins

Animal Aid


“A powerful dramatization of pigs and people caught up in the industrial meat industry. Enlightening, harrowing, essential. It pierced my soul and awoke me anew to the realities.”

Philip Lymbery

Compassion in World Farming


“Despite the shocking subject matter the film is very beautiful which actually makes it even more shocking.”

Sheila Hancock


"An extraordinary achievement"

Charles Dance



Tony Fisher - BBC Radio Essex

"An important film".

Geraldine James OBE



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